Welcome to Cervideer
Cervidae is a world of dark fantasy where hidden paths are full of both riches and deadly foes. Wander as your deer through the haunted forests and lost fields to collect antlers and decorations, or play the dangerous games of the fey folk for rare prizes.

You can customize your deer with beautiful decorations or gather together a unique herd and explore the lands to discover the vast lore. Spend your creative time roleplaying in an interactive chat that allows for movement of your unique character.

Whether you are a compulsive collector, casual explorer, or creative artist, you are welcome in our active community. But always, beware the spirits that dwell here, for behind this beautiful land is a lethal mother earth.

Cervideer is currently in CLOSED ALPHA

We will not be accepting any new registrations until we transition into open alpha.

Old users can log in using their old credentials.
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